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March 7


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Fri Mar 7, 2014, 8:17 PM by KiyokoAmaya:iconkiyokoamaya:


This journal has been revised in many places. Additional information and examples have been added but some information will appear only if you HOVERThis is an example! Please hover over the other ALL CAPS keywords to reveal more information! over certain keywords.


An AllMate is an AI companion capable of speech that assists its owner in day-to-day life. One may hook the AllMate up to a COIL and allow the AllMate to facilitate the device’s functions, like verbally conveying directions from the GPS.

Each AllMate comes with a programmed personalityPlease note that this doesn't mean your OC programs it themselves; they simply choose it and the makers program it. that the owner can choose. They can come in many forms resembling objects, humans, or animals; however, in this group, your character must start out with an animal AllMate.Any other kind of AllMate is rare and will be mostly limited to mod characters and/or NPCs. AllMates are constructed from synthetic material, so your character won't have the allergic reactions that they might have to normal animals.

Currently, GO Entertainment is the sole manufacturing company of AllMates. Although they can be shipped worldwide (at a great cost), the only place where AllMates are common in everyday life is in Midorijima.

★ Starter AllMates can be mammals, birds, fish, arthropods (insects), reptiles and amphibians!  

the AllMate Creation Guidelines

:new: by ebonred We discourageDiscourage does NOT mean ban. Exotic species and wild animal species are still allowed as long as they follow the size limit. HOWEVER, you will have a lower chance of getting into the group.

Use your own judgement to decide whether or not you want to risk entering with a rare species. If you have confidence that your application is decent enough to pass with the species disadvantage, feel free to create an exotic species AllMate. If you aren't very confident in your application, please stick to a common house pet species.

Because during the first opening, we accepted a large number of exotic / wild animal species, this opening we encourage members to choose smaller and more inconspicuous species that do not stand out in (Japanese) society as their AllMate (e.g. cats, dogs, etc.)
members from picking large / exoticBy exotic, we mean animals that are NOT commonly kept as pets. Wikipedia has a very helpful list of species on what is considered exotic.…
/ common or uncommon wild animal species as their AllMate.

Word of advice:  If you have to think twice about a species, you may not want to choose it. For example:

Thought 1: "I want a ______!"
Thought 2: "Wait, is that small enough?"

:new: by ebonred Please also review this list of species already taken by current members to avoid creating duplicate species or duplicate AllMate names: CLICK!

Please read through these guidelines carefully before asking any questions. Asking questions that are clearly answered in the journals will reflect negatively on your chances of getting accepted.

  • No mythical or extinct species. It must be extant in real life.
  • It must be mobile, not sessile Definition:  permanently attached; not freely moving.

    Definition from
  • Mutants or handicapped AllMates are not allowed. GO Entertainment will never sell "factory mistakes" and damaged or dysfunctional AllMates.  If your AllMate is broken, it can be fixed. Repair costs are relatively affordable in most cases so it shouldn't be a problem for most AllMate owners. Special circumstances, regardless of how well it's explained, will be be judged aggressively.
  • It must be a single animal (e.g.: no swarm of bees).  
  • You are allowed to add accessories to your AllMate and alter their colors any way you want. But please, nothing inappropriate.  
  • AllMates may NOT have special abilities or extraordinary features. Please remember that AllMates are the same weight and have the same basic physical capabilities as their real animal counterparts, like speed, strength, and flexibility, but not any other special abilities like poison, shedding skin, regrowing limbs, etc.  
  • Try your best to depict the animal realistically in your application art! We are not expecting it to look photorealistic; this rule is less to make you draw the animal super realistically and more to keep you from purposefully giving the AllMate unrealistic features. For example, if you were drawing a snake, we do not expect you to draw every scale out; we just don’t want to see a lady snake with eyelashes or something like that. If you have any questions about what’s “realistic enough,” feel free to ask!  
  • Follow the size limit guidelines.  Use common sense when picking an animal. Your AllMate will follow your character almost EVERYWHERE. Think realistically in terms of how your AllMate is going to get around if it's large.
  • DO NOT ATTEMPT TO GET AROUND THE SIZE LIMIT.  This includes making miniatures or baby versions of large, over-the-limit animals (e.g.: no miniature elephants, miniature horses, lion cubs, etc.)

the Size Limit Guidelines


The smallest AllMate we will accept MUST still be visible to the naked eye and no smaller than 2 inches (5 cm) in at least one side (width, length or height).


The guidelines only apply to the MAIN BODY of the animal. Horns and such won't count towards the height limit.

:new: by ebonred The size limit has been shrunk from the first openingAllMates of members that got in during the first opening that may be over the current size limits do not have to be changed (because of ex post facto). Please do not point out examples of AllMates from the first opening to try and argue for a bigger AllMate. If your AllMate was approved during an app check from the first opening, that approval may no longer apply; all applicants' AllMates must follow the current standards, not past ones. (4 ft to 3 ft).

Height: no more than 3 ft (~ 91 cm)

Length: can be more than 3 ft ONLY IF height and width are both below 3 ft but can NEVER EXCEED 10 ft (~3 m)

Width:  can be more than 3 ft ONLY IF height and length are both below 3 ft but can NEVER EXCEED 10 ft (~3 m)

Research Recommendation!

Before you ask "Is (the species you want) allowed?", we would recommend that you use Google or Wikipedia to find the measurements of the species and make sure it follows the size limit guidelines! Otherwise, you may be marked down for neglecting to follow instructions. If you find conflicting resources about size, however, or are worried about a certain species for other reasons, feel free to ask!

★ AllMates that do not follow these guidelines may be offered as event prizes (so if you really want that dragon or dinosaur or whatever, work hard and keep an eye out!)

Misconceptions of Obtaining AllMates

AllMates are calibrated for a certain owner, so if an AllMate was disowned or tossed out, it would have to be recalibrated which is a complex and expensive process and it's more likely that the AllMate would just get used for parts. This means your OCs MUST get an AllMate new from the shop.

Examples of what is NOT ALLOWED:
  • You may NOT find an abandonedThis implies that your character knows how to calibrate Allmates on their own, which also implies that he/she is able to mess with Allmate's programming. This is strictly forbidden for any members. AllMate and then take it home to make it your own.  
  • Because each AllMate is unique to each character, they CANNOT be "passed onto" another owner. This means neither the AllMate's memory chip nor it's physical animal model can be inherited from another person.
  • Your character may NOT hack/alter an AllMate's programming in any way beyond what is standardly allowed.

If you aren't sure regarding your AllMate's situation, please check with us.

Additional Info

Can I ever change my AllMate?

Yes, but it won’t be easy. In addition, you can only change the AllMate’s body; you must stick with the same chip which contains the AllMate’s memories, personality, etc. Be warned that the operation will cost a lot and will rarely be offered. A ‘free’ way to change your AllMate could be as an event prize, but those will be pretty rare.

So what’s this other form AllMates have?

Each AllMate also has an online form, which we will normally refer to as a Rhyme form; it is the virtual avatar the AllMate appears as anywhere in cyberspace, including the game of Rhyme. Your AllMate does not physically transform in real life. Like with the AllMate’s physical form, the Rhyme form can be humanoid, animalistic, etc; however, your OC’s AllMate must have a humanoid animal form. (Any other kind of Rhyme form is rare and will be, again, mostly limited to mod characters and/or NPCs.) The Rhyme form should resemble the normal form (e.g.: same general color scheme) and be at least 90% human-looking.

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LALALAbb Featured By Owner Edited Nov 8, 2014
I was wondering, would a Fennec Fox or regular fox be ok? Cause they have a lot of different sizes and i don't know if they are considered exotic or not...
akiicchi Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014
Sorry but this group is closed, we will not be accepting any new members. 
LALALAbb Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2014
Oh yes i know i realized that after i asked that question, sorry to trouble you :)
UnquietOwl Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014
I have two questions--

My friend and I were thinking about joining but they have more interest in being my allmate, would that be acceptable if we put the allmate on my app as well as either the allmate drawn in their style or mine?

The other question was if small deer breeds were allowed such as the musk deer? they're about the size of large dogs.
CatQueenofIdeas Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014  Student Artist
Um is a ferret ok? Kitty Glasses 
akiicchi Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014
Yes that animal can be an Allmate ! 
CatQueenofIdeas Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014  Student Artist
Lol cool! (Lol I changed it to a pug..) Do we have to draw the allmate in human for too? (Everyone seems to be doing it....)
akiicchi Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014
Nope ! Only current members have had their allmate apps drawn right now. If you make it into the group we will be asking you to do so also. 
CatQueenofIdeas Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014  Student Artist
I see thanks a bunch! (Sorry last question) I have the character drawn with her allmate and I downloaded the background. But I don't know how to put her in the background. Do you perhaps know how?
akiicchi Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2014
you're welcome ! 
have you tried flattening your image ( make sure it is transparent ) before moving the layer over into the file with the background? 
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